This brooch is made of silver by the Scottish jeweller Beth Legg.  Beth has created this brooch by using traditional repoussé and chasing silversmithing techniques, which involve hammering the brooch on the reverse to create the indentations.  When I met Beth she explained that the process was both time consuming and painful as the repetitive hammering made her hand and arm ache.  She didn’t think she would be making another Tide brooch in a hurry.  The brooch was inspired by the marks left in the sand once the tide had receded.  This is the photograph Beth sent me showing the patterns in the sands that had so inspired her.

Beth comes from the far north coast of Scotland.  This remoteness and closeness to nature is a powerful influence on both the pieces she produces and the materials she uses.

A piece of Beth’s work is on permanent display in the Jewellery collection at the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.  This is one of my favourite museums and the jewellery galleries are well worth a visit.  Though the piece on show isn’t a brooch it is interesting and unusual, capturing a bleak beauty and evoking a wild and windswept landscape.  I can see the outline of stag’s antlers but maybe that is just my imagination.