When The Tide Turns

by Pauline T Yates

I want to run from the back exit of the nursing home to the car park, but all Evelyn can manage is a crab-like shuffle. Her wheezing giggles don’t help. “We’ll be seen for sure,” I tell her. “No, we…


Short Story Bittersweet, Poignant

My name is Joanna Sterling and I’m a Collector – my collection of contemporary, vintage and period brooches has been amassed over 30 years. The story collection published here is not quite so old but is just as diverse. There are short stories and flash fiction, my own and ones by other writers. Some are traditional and others more avant-garde. I aim to select stories that intrigue, amuse and maybe provoke. Open up The Casket of Fictional Delights and pick out a story or a brooch.

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