About The Casket

The Casket of Fictional Delights was established in 2011 to showcase short stories and flash fiction.  We have published 160 short stories and flash fictions and over 70 podcasts.  On our sister site TubeFlash where we worked with Transport for London there are an additional 90 flash fiction stories and 15 podcasts.  In total, we have published the work of over 100 writers, including award-winning, established and new writers producing a diverse and eclectic range of work. Our podcasts are of exemplary quality, produced by a professional studio manager.  There have been over 90,000 downloads worldwide and they are consistently in the top 10 of the iTunes short story charts.

About The Casket


The Casket of Fictional Delights no longer accepts open submissions. Submissions are by invitation and recommendation only. Any unsolicited submissions will be ignored. It is not that we are not interested in your writing it is just that we do not have the resources to handle the volume of unsolicited work received.

Flash Fiction Competition

The Casket of Fictional Delights has run two Flash Fiction Competitions in 2017 and 2018.  For more details and to read some of the stories please visit our Competition Page.

Flash Fiction is fiction of extreme brevity, though the number of words varies. The term is thought to have originated in 1992. In China it is known as ‘smoke long’. Other names include micro fiction, concise fiction, sudden fiction, postcard fiction, minute fiction, fast fiction, quick fiction, micro narrative, cut-off fiction skinny fiction, short short story.

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