It is November, so I looked through my collection for a brooch to celebrate ‘Guy Fawkes’.  Something depicting a firework or a rocket perhaps.  I ran my finger up and down my list, I searched my jewellery drawers and boxes.  Horror – it began to dawn on me, I have a gap in my collection.  Finally I spotted this large (it measures 2 inches across) showy brooch.  It’s rather like a Catherine wheel showering out sparks and glitz.  By the British designer Sphinx who started in the 1950s.  I think of them as the UK version of Weiss, similar in style.  Using bold and brash coloured paste.  They are usually cheaper than their US cousins and can be regularly found at antique fairs and markets.

Another note to self, try and find a brooch like a firework for next year.  Oh good an excuse to go shopping; mind you my husband would say I never need an excuse.