Where do you get your inspiration?

People often ask me where I get my ideas from. My stock answer is ‘anywhere and everywhere’. Lots of things can spark a story, especially a Flash Fiction. But for this month’s Flash Fiction I did something different. For Christmas my brother gave me ‘The Pocket Muse – ideas & inspirations for writing’ by Monica Wood and I was flicking through the pages and spotted a picture of a key with the following guide text [Rescue a stray key from that junk drawer in the kitchen. Put it next to your word processor or typewriter. Try to imagine or remember what this key once unlocked, start writing.] A few days later while having a clear out what should I find but this small key.

I put the key next to my laptop and sure enough a story began to take hold. I don’t know what the key opens in my house but that doesn’t matter. In my Flash Fiction The Key perhaps solves a family mystery but then again perhaps not.


If you like Flash Fiction there are plenty more on The Casket of Fictional Delights, including two compilations of all those published in 2011 and 2012.

Why not try your hand at writing a Flash Fiction? You could be part of the Tube-Flash project. I have matched a number of my brooches to London Underground stations and I am asking writers to write Flash Fiction stories for each of the stations or brooches. So for Notting Hill Gate on the Central Line there is a bunch of fruit (Carnival) and Covent Garden (home of the old flower market) on the Piccadilly Line a flower in a pot. If you are inspired, check out the rest of the stations and brooches at the Tube-Flash project and be part of the journey.  But hurry as the Deadline is 31st January 2013.