What a Wonderful Year – 2012

It has been quite a year hasn’t it, what with the Jubilee and the Olympics & Paralympics.

In 2012 on The Casket a new section was born – Brooch of the Month. This has allowed me to showcase some of my many brooches. At the moment the collection stands at 430. I have enjoyed deciding which brooch to share each month. Over the year my photographic skills have also improved and I have invested in both a new camera and a small tripod. A number of new Guest Writers have been featured – David Malone, Leonie Milliner, John Petheridge and Dawn Reeves.

So what’s in store in 2013 for The Casket? Well, I am planning some exciting new developments. Some stories will be having a visual as well as a voice accompaniment. The first story to be done this way will be – The Lady Elfleda. This is a tale set in the north of England in circa 680AD loosely based on the life of an Anglo-Saxon princess. There will also be more Guest Writers featured. But perhaps the most exciting project will be Tube-Flash. I have combined my passion for Brooches with the London Underground. How you ask? By matching a number of London Underground Stations with Brooches from my collection, well I do have over 400. I am inviting writers to submit Flash Fiction inspired by either the Tube Station or the Brooch. If you are interested in getting involved and want the chance to have a piece of Flash Fiction published on The Casket take a look at Tube-Flash – and be part of the journey