Two Brooch Day

I have gone rather mad today, I am wearing two brooches.  A few weeks ago we went to the ‘Art of Beauty’ exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum, an exhibition exploring the art and design influences of the Aesthetic Movement between 1860 and 1900. I bought one very small pin brooch in the shape of a blue and white ginger pot. The art critic Ruskin was an avid collector of blue and white china. In the exhibition there was some beautiful jewellery, one set caught my attention, a pair of coral hair ornaments and matching brooch made by Carlo and Arthur Giuliano for Edith, the wife of the painter William Holman-Hunt. They were in the shape of sunflowers, a theme often used by the artists and designers of the Aesthetic and Arts & Crafts movements. Fifty years later you see the same shape repeated by Weiss, using enamel and crystal. I have my eye on a Weiss sunflower brooch on eBay. I am rather tempted. The whole exhibition is a ‘tour de force’ and a wonderful insight into how many of the items we see today and consider as new and innovative have already been done before. Oh, the other brooch I am wearing today – a pink floral spray.

Look out for Charles Marmaduke, a new Flash Fiction coming soon to The Casket of Fictional Delights.