The Trilogy is Complete

I am delighted to report that Leonie Milliner’s Trilogy ‘Different Ways of Killing’ is now complete with the publication of ‘The Registrar’s Daughter’. Donister’s fate in the pigsty is both disturbing and unexpected. Find out how Maxine will react to her rival. Menna Bonsels has brought the rural Welsh setting to life, enjoy her lyrical Welsh accent.

Don’t forget to check out Leonie’s first two stories in the trilogy – ‘Statue’ and ‘Manufactory of Smells’.

Leonie and I continue to meet once a week at a writer’s workshop where we swap notes and discuss all things writing. We subject ourselves to the grueling trial of ‘reading’ our work to our fellow writers for constructive criticism and comment. This is an ordeal not for the faint hearted and those of a sensitive nature sometimes abandon ship. But for those of us like Leonie and I who are made of sterner stuff there is much to gain and learn.

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