The New Resurrection

I am delighted to be able to showcase a short story by David Malone – ‘Burp of God’.  He  is a writer I have admired since I first heard and read his work.  His economy of language is masterful.  And as Tim Heffer, who has read this month’s Storycast said “a perfect little short story”.  I couldn’t have put it better.

One memory I have of David is at the City Lit where we were both in a creative writing workshop.  It was a balmy Saturday afternoon and we had been told to write a sex scene.  This isn’t as easy as it sounds and certainly not when there is time pressure.  But it wasn’t just the heat from the sun streaming through the large plate glass windows that was raising the temperature when David read out his scene.   It was an unforgettable piece of erotic writing.  There are no explicit sex scenes in ‘Burp of God’ but the underlying currents are unmistakably present.

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