Tag a Bag a Book

In my study there are lots of books. Both mine and my husband’s, the study is a small room. Over the last six months we have sorted through all the books and weeded out those we no longer thought we would read again, hadn’t enjoyed, or owned duplicates. The piles grew and grew in the spare room. What to do with them all? Wherever possible I recycle up-cycle and pass-on. Only as a very last resort I will throw something away. Ah Ha I thought – Oxfam bookshops, described as “Europe’s biggest high street retailer of second-hand books. We have around a hundred bookshops.” But it got even better – Oxfam have the Tag your Bag scheme. It allowed us to Gift Aid our donations, so Oxfam could claim back 25% from HM Revenue and Customs on all the cash raised from the sale of our books. At no extra cost to us. I call that a result, Oxfam have made money from the sale of our books and have got money from the Government, quite an achievement in these straitened times. This money is being used to train 3 household members to form a community hygiene group to promote better hygiene and sanitation practice in South Sudan. Someone somewhere will be enjoying a new second-hand book and we have got space to buy some more books.