New treasures to find in The Casket in 2012

2012, well what a year it is going to be, the Olympics, the Jubilee and of course here on The Casket lots of exciting new things coming up.

Kicking off the year is another new Guest writer. The Casket will feature a trilogy of short stories entitled ‘Different Ways of Killing’ by Leonie Milliner – look out for ‘Statue’  later this month and ‘Gardenias’ in February.  Both these Short Stories will be featured as Storycasts and be available on iTunes. The final part of the trilogy will be published later in the year.

I am working with a couple of other guest writers and hope to bring news later in 2012. So watch this space.

For fans of Susan Tate fear not, there will be more from her and her cat Charles Dickens in a new short story ‘Gardener’s Delight’. Where readers will learn more about the eccentricities of this librarian from Canterbury and the lengths she will go to.

I am working on a new two part short story entitled ‘Female of the Species’ set in Barcelona and featuring a new character, Helena. Very different from Susan Tate, a darker and more sinister individual, not someone you would want to cross.

To round off the year, another Christmas story based on a series of letters entitled (at this stage but things could change by November) ‘Christmas Notes’.

All the Short Stories will continue to be available  free online and as Storycasts both online on The Casket and as free podcasts on iTunes. Some will be made into eBooks and downloadable free to your chosen eReader.

I plan to carry on with the regular monthly Flash Fictions. It is a form I particularly enjoy writing. As it requires the writer continually to hone and edit down their work. And there is the opportunity to be ambiguous and leave so much unsaid.

And finally a whole new section is to be added to The Casket. Back last summer, an old friend, you don’t want to know how long I’ve known Richard, suggested I made more of my brooches. Well, Mel (the extremely clever lady who helped design The Casket and makes it work so well for everyone) and I have been giving this a lot of thought. So watch this space (actually I mean watch this website). If you are interested in knowing more about my brooches – what I buy, where I buy them, why I buy them – soon all will be revealed.

To whet your appetite here are two of my latest purchases. The first is a ‘Great Bear Brooch’ by Tatty Devine and based on the Great Bear star constellation. The brooch is studded with 15 twinkling crystals depicting the constellation. The second is a vintage 1950s probably American, the pale yellow crystals are large and sparkle especially on a black jumper. My husband calls it my Christmas tree decoration brooch.  I bought this from Louise Ferdinando, she has a stand at the Little Chelsea Antiques Fair.

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