New Guest Writer – Moira Knowles

I am delighted to be able to publish on The Casket one of Moira Knowles’s short stories The Pear. I first met Moira at a novel writing workshop at the City Lit a few years ago. So far I haven’t yet managed to write a novel, I keep being side tracked. Moira on the other hand has not only completed her first novel but has started her second. The course was not a total waste, I did learn a great deal about structure, character and plot. But much more, was the small group of friends I made at the workshop. We meet up regularly to discuss how we were getting on. You see writing can be a lonely place, you need to share it with friends who will support you as your work grows and matures.

So to all you writers out there beavering away over your laptops or scribbling in your notebooks, remember go and have a cup of coffee now and again. Oh and don’t forget the cake.