Morley von Sternberg – Portrait

Exciting news – Leonie Milliner, one of The Casket guest writers is featured in Morley von Sternberg’s portrait photographs. He is one of the world’s best architectural photographers. Morley von Sternberg asked to photograph Leonie a few weeks ago. In the photograph she is standing next to a Robert Adam window detail. Most appropriate as the novel she is working on is all about Robert Adam. Leonie’s portrait is in good company, she is alongside Sir Peter Blake and Sir Steve Redgrave. What a line up!

Leonie’s trilogy ‘Different ways of Killing’ was launched last year on The Casket with ‘Statue’, followed later in the year by ‘Manufactory of Smells’ and then to round off the set ‘The Registrar’s Daughter’. There will be more from Leonie later this year as she is one of the featured writers in Tube-Flash.