Christian Dior was born in 1905 in Normandy France.  He opened Maison Dior in Paris in 1946 introducing his ‘New Look’ in 1947. It was a fashion sensation capturing women’s desire for glamour in a post war world, sweeping through Europe and America.  Early pieces of Dior jewellery were designed for specific couture outfits or individuals, Bette Davis and Marilyn Monroe were some of his regular Hollywood clients. But as time went on Dior had  jewellery made under licence using well known designers of the day – Mitchell Maer an American who worked in London during the 1950s and the German firm Henkel and Grosse who mark their pieces Dior West Germany.  Often Dior pieces are dated.   Dior died in 1957 but the House of Dior continued and remains a global brand.

The snake has been widely venerated since prehistoric times and is a religious symbol with many varied meanings.  It was early connected with sun worship. By periodically shedding its skin it appeared to renew itself like the sun and was therefore a symbol of death and rebirth.