This brooch, which is from the 1920s, looks almost exactly the same as a 1966 Trifari brooch which was part of the Starlights Fireworks collection.

Trifari Advert

1966 Trifari advert showing the Starlights Fireworks collection

So was this where the designers at Trifari found their inspiration?  Makes you wonder.  But then again, this classic star design was used during the Victorian and Edwardian period as well.  The Queen has one and wears it regularly.  She wore it at that infamous soggy river pageant last year.

Diamond Jubilee - Thames River Pageant

But yes, you’ve guessed, hers is made of diamonds and mine is merely paste.   Maybe one day I will have saved up enough to buy a diamond version of my own.


Smiling despite all the rain