This unusual brooch is by the designer Annabet Wyndham, I bought it in 2015 at the Dazzle exhibition at the Oxo Tower. The brooch is made of Sterling silver and painted layered plywood.  Each piece is made separately and the whole brooch is constructed by using tiny solder connectors on the reverse.  Annabet oxidises the silver and then rubs back some parts to highlight the different textures.

Annabet describes this brooch as taking “simplified shape of a bowl or cup made with the drawn line of wire and cut from different textures of silver and wood then these seven shapes moved around and positioned till they sit in a harmonious group”.  When I first saw this brooch, it reminded me of arches, in particular, railway arches.

This photo shows arches in Leeds, Yorkshire, was taken on 28th June 2015 by Joe Dunckley

Actually, Annabet was heavily influenced by the work of the artist William Scott known for his still-life and abstract painting.  In 2013 there was an exhibition of his work at the Hepworth Gallery in Wakefield, Yorkshire.

The exhibition was held to celebrate the 100th anniversary of William Scott’s birth (1913 – 1989).  Scott studied initially in Belfast before winning a scholarship to the Royal Academy in 1931 and won a silver medal.  While living in London during the 1930s he shared rooms with the poet Dylan Thomas.



William Scott in 1959  photo by his son James Scott




Looking at the exhibition it is easy to see how it has influenced Annabet’s work.

Part of the exhibition at the Hepworth Gallery in 2013

Annabet lives in Brighton on the South coast of England and works out of the Rose Hill Workshop, you can see some of their work on Instagram

Annabet working in her workshop in Brighton

Annabet Wyndham