This is another of Tom McDowell’s quirky designs.  The decoration on this brooch is made from disused watch parts, and if you look closely you can see the cogs and even a hand.  Tom McDowell used to be a member of DJG (Design Jewellery Group) who for many years exhibited at the Barbican.  I have a number of brooches from DJG members, An Alleweireldt & Ulli Kaiser.  This year they will be holding their Christmas exhibition at 67 York Street in Marylebone, run by Louisa Pacifico, who helped organise the ‘Brooch is Back’ exhibition earlier this year.

Want to know whether someone is a Robot or not?  According to scientists there is a test. Set them the task of making a cup of tea in a strange kitchen.  The theory being, only a human is capable of this task.  A Robot can be programmed to make a cup of tea, but if you put it in a strange kitchen (unknown environment) it will not be able to figure out where the necessary things like teabags, kettle, mugs etc. are.

I love this little pair of Robots called ‘Dash & Dot’ they are designed to teach children programming skills.  I think they would be great fun to have about the place even if they couldn’t make a cup of tea.