This unique brooch is by the designer Jo McDonald.  It is made of hand cast Parian-ware porcelain with silver tips to the top and the bottom.  So what makes this such a special brooch?  Well, I first met Jo at the Goldsmiths’ Fair in 2015.  Goldsmiths’ Fair is an annual showcase held at Goldsmiths’ Hall. To exhibit jewellers must apply and undergo a selection process.  They must be living and working in the UK but they do not have to be British, and their work must contain some precious metals.  I try to go to the fair to see what is new both in terms of technique and design.  On Jo’s stand she had earrings, pendants and bracelets, but no brooches.  I really liked the earrings and William said he would buy them for me as a Christmas present.  I commented, “pity there isn’t a matching brooch”.  There followed a bit of a discussion and a rough sketch on a piece of paper. To make the brooch one half of a porcelain pendant had to be hand ground away to create the flat back for the fastening.  As far as I’m aware Jo has not made any more brooches so this one is quite unique and special.  Jo describes the inspiration for the design of the porcelain collection, which now includes ‘my brooch’, as ‘Art Deco – au sauvage’  seeking to combine 1930s decadence, gorgeous shapes and Joan Miroesque lines with something more earthy and fundamental. The porcelain collection comes in several different colour ways, I chose this subtle pale green, it’s not a colour I’ve seen often in jewellery and works particularly well with the silver accents.