This brooch is by Trifari and from the 1960s. Two things drew me to this brooch. The sheer brightness of the pink. It’s not pale and wishy washy, like a baby pink. This pink has panache and surprisingly goes well with loads in my wardrobe. The second unusual thing about it is the shape and set of the crystals. They are multi-facetted roundels set proud and because of their spherical shape allow the light to catch and reflect on many more surfaces. A lot of costume jewellery set the paste/crystals into the piece or claw set them. When I bought this brooch there were a pair of matching earrings, I was tempted but they just won’t stay on so I left them for another lucky shopper.

There are two other Trifari brooches on The Casket – Trifari Crown for the Jubilee 2012 and Trifari Lipstick.