This brooch is designed by Roelinde Boot an artist and designer from the Netherlands.  Roelinde graduated from the School for Goldsmiths in Schoonhoven, a city south of Amsterdam.  Her main source of inspiration is the rich heritage and imaginary of land and city maps.  The contours and patterns of roads, rivers and canals are used as a metaphor of a journey and integrated into her work.  This old map of Amsterdam shows clearly how Roelinde developed her ideas for the Amsterdam brooch.



RoelindRoelinde Boote is one of seven children, she was born in Arnhem and grew up on the edge of a forest.  Before training as an artist and goldsmith she had considered becoming a teacher.  She likes to travel and is married with two adopted children from Colombia.

Roelinde Boot in her studio

One of the clever things I like about this brooch, there is no pin to interfere with the intricate detail of the map.  It is ‘fastened’ using a magnet. It is the only brooch in my whole collection to be secured this way.  I wonder if other designers might consider this method.

The Amsterdam Map is part of the CityJewels4.Me series; a map of Berlin has also been completed.  I wonder which city Roelinde will choose next.