These two little birds are a classic example of not being what they seem.  I bought them at a local antiques fair from a dealer who I have known for some time.  The conversations went something like this.

“That’s rather nice, who’s the designer?” Me

“Atwood & Sawyer, I think, but I can’t see a mark.” Hilary.

“Looks more like Trifari, didn’t think Atwood & Sawyer did jellybean work” Me.

“You may be right.” Hilary.

Well as you can see I bought them, still not convinced they were Atwood & Sawyer, but I liked them which is my basic criterion for buying any brooch.  The brooch sat on the side waiting to be catalogued, bugging me.  So I fetched my jewellery magnifying loop, it has a small light and magnifies x20.  And there tucked down the inside of the body of the left hand bird was a mark.  Was it A&S? Was it Trifari? No it was neither.  So the hunt was on.  About half an hour later I located it, I do love the internet.  Museum Reproductions from Brookline, USA, founded 1969 by Mrs Morgan Smith and called Young Collectors Inc., bought out in 1984 by Lars Messler who changed the name.

Moral – always go to a fair with your magnifying loop, Joanna.