The Geisha Girl is by the Spanish design company Ceraselle, based in Seville.  She is made out of ceramic.  My husband bought her for me as a Christmas present from the Victoria and Albert museum in London.  It was one of the pieces inspired by the museum’s refurbished Toshiba Gallery of Japanese Art, which reopened in November 2015.  The gallery has over 500 items on display from Kimonos to a pink Hello Kitty Rice Cooker.

Hello Kitty Rice Cooker

The second Japanese inspired brooch is made from a domino which is covered on one side by a silk screened paper based on kimono designs.  It is by Leigh Shepherd who is based in Haworth, West Yorkshire, where she creates jewellery inspired by her passion for upcycling. My brooch design is called ‘Golden Blossom.’ The brooch comes from the British Museum which also has a large Japanese collection.  One of my favourite objects in the Japanese collection is this Netsuke.

Netsuke BearIt was donated by Anne Hull Grundy, a famous 20th century jewellery collector who gave away her collection to major museums. One of her famous quotes was “If you don’t fall in love, don’t buy it.”  She donated to the British Museum almost 1200 items which arrived in a variety of parcels by taxi.

These two brooches show the happy way jewellery crosses boundaries and cultures to produce beautiful and interesting things.