With all the rain we are having, I decided a fish would be an appropriate brooch for wet July. This enamel brooch was manufactured by A H Darby & Son, who were based in Birmingham. It is hallmarked for 1946. After WWII materials for luxury items were in scarce supply in the UK. It is interesting to compare the quality of enamelling work on this brooch with that of the Norwegian enamellists who emerged a few years later during the 1950s and onwards. The enamelling on the fish brooch is good, but not nearly to the same standard or finesse of the Norwegian enamellists. I have a number of brooches by a variety of Norwegian designers, for example, Karl Rasmussen, Oystein Balle and Will Winæss who worked for David Andersen. They have a delicacy of touch which is missing in the fish brooch.