This brooch is large and amazingly three dimensional. It is made by the Japanese design company Monocircus. The company was founded by Kazunori Takeishi and Lim Shing Ee in 2011. Kazunori was born in Fukui, Japan and originally graduated as an architect, while Lim comes from Singapore and studied Art. Their philosophy is to make ‘wearable’ art objects. They use 3D printing technology to make their jewellery and accessories.  In their collection they have a number of wonderful hair accessories, I only wish I had the kind of hair style that would allow me to wear some.  My brooch is made of nylon plastic perhaps not the most obvious material but in my collection I have brooches made of wood, metal, minerals, paper, plastic, human hair, nuts, cabling, fabric, wool, it is a long list. I keep the brooch well wrapped so it remains in its original pristine state. It is great fun to wear but I have to be a bit careful that the pretty petals do not catch on anything.

A Hair Accessory from the Monocircus Collection

I bought this brooch at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 2017. For our 25th wedding anniversary we treated ourselves to a wonder five-week holiday in America. We loved going round the Met Museum, it is like combining the British Museum, National Gallery, and the V&A.  Unfortunately, the jewellery gallery was closed at the time of our visit. And at the moment like the rest of the Met Museum it is closed until 29th August 2020.  Fingers crossed the museum will be able to open.