This is a modern brooch probably made in the Far East.  Even so, it is well made; the enamel has been carefully done and there are a few paste accents giving some  detail.

Rudolph is famous for having a glowing red nose and often referred to as Santa Claus’s 9th Reindeer.  He first appeared in 1939 in a colouring booklet written by Robert L May.  The publisher Montgomery Ward had during the 1930s purchased Christmas colouring books to give away each year.  In order to save money they decided to create their own and commissioned Robert L May to write the story.  There were a few names considered before Rudolph was settled upon – Rollo and Reginald.  I personally don’t think Reginald the red nose reindeer has the same ring.  In the first year over two million copies were distributed by Montgomery Ward.  Since then Rudolph the red nose reindeer has appeared in a song, in comic books, as a cartoon and is frequently animated.  He is an endearing image of the night before Christmas and much loved by children and adults.

Our local garden centre where we purchase our Christmas tree has a family of reindeer on show, except on Wednesday afternoons when they have a flying lesson.  My favourite is Bluebell but she doesn’t have a red nose.