This brooch is large and is convex to represent the shape of the bottle. And as is often the case with brooches from the 1930s, there is no indication of who the designer or maker is. It was bought from an American online site and I’m guessing that this is its country of origin.

I have chosen the champagne bottle as the ‘Brooch of the Month’ to celebrate the second anniversary of the launch of The Casket and the launch of Tube-Flash. The Casket of Fictional Delights has grown and developed both as a story site and brooch site since it started in May 2011. As well as the ‘Brooch of the Month’ you can also enjoy a new brooch each week with Tube-Flash.

I hope you enjoy all the brooches featured on my website as much as I enjoy building my collection and sharing them with you.  To date my collection stands at over 450 so we have a great many still to enjoy.