This brooch is impressive in scale and has a three dimensional quality to the design.  It is by the American company Cadoro established in 1945 by the actor Steve Brody and Dan Steneskieu, who based their operations like so many costume jewellery companies in New York. After Steneskieu’s death in 1970 the business continued into the early 1980s before closing.  Their signature styles were oversized designs and the use of cabochons.  At a little over 2 ½” this acorn shows well this aspect of their work.  Cadoro is one of the less common vintage makes found in the USA and extremely rare to find in the UK, so I bought this Acorn from a charming dealer called Grace who lives in Arizona.

In mythology acorns are associated with prosperity and plenty. But in Ancient Greece among the lower classes and in Ancient Japan acorns were eaten as part of a stable diet, especially during times of famine.

In my dictionary of dreams it says seeing an acorn is a portent of pleasant things ahead; if you pick an acorn from the ground it foretells of success after much hard work.  And if you shake acorns from the oak tree you will win your true love.

Aristotle said

“Each human being is bred with a unique set of potentials that yearn to be fulfilled as surely as the acorn yearns to become the oak within it.”


(Marble Bust from National Museum of Rome)