Be in no doubt this is Flash Fiction

I am delighted to introduce a new guest author to the readers of The Casket of Fictional Delights.  Dawn Reeves’s Flash Fiction Trust’s Lodger, is a witty commentary on life’s dilemmas and pitfalls.  Dawn’s first novel ‘Hard Change’ a political thriller, is due out later in the year.

There is more Flash Fiction on The Casket of Fictional Delights – The Thief, Charles Marmaduke, Museum Piece, A Twitcher’s Lament, Blue for Boy and Pink for Girl, Face2Face , Friday , The Blue BoxHe Took his Zimmer frame for a Walk, Lipstick in his Handbag & The Last Straw  and Sanctuary by Maeve Zahra and Unreliable by John Petheridge. And for those of you who like to listen to their Flash Fiction there is a free Flash Fiction 2011 Compilation Storycast which is now available as a free download  to your chosen eReader. All of this year’s Flash Fiction will be featured in the 2012 Flash Fiction Compilation at the end of year as an audio Storycast.

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