Around the World in 356 Days

I thought I would share with you one of my Christmas presents. I write at a small desk overlooking the back garden. My husband bought me a desk calendar, why is it special? Each day a different picture or scene is revealed. So far I have been to France and seen the ballet, Italy been serenaded by musicians, had an elephant ride in India, seen the ocean from America, been tempted by Egyptian jewellery and taken tea in Japan. How have I managed all this? Well I am daily transported to the Metropolitan Museum in New York. I have been to New York once, but spent most of the time being ill. So I never made it round the museum.

Today I am keeping company with a nearly 6000 year old mountain goat painted on a storage jar from central Iran. He has the biggest horns you have ever seen.

On my birthday, I will be entertaining a gentleman with the most fabulous ringlets and a curly beard from Mesopotamia. He is perhaps a little old for me, he was carved on ivory in C8th BC. And on my wedding anniversary I hope my husband will not want to take out the enigmatic Madame X, she is so chic, in her little black dress .

And tomorrow Gauguin is calling.