A picture’s worth a thousand words ….

Earlier this summer Dawn Reeves and I met up at the National Portrait Gallery in London, after coffee and cake we visited the BP Portrait Award exhibition. We wandered around, admiring the pictures. Then as I turned a corner one in particular hit me. Immediately, a story started to form in my head as I gazed at the image. The portrait was by Peter Goodfellow entitled ‘All dressed up for Mam and Dad’, depicting a man holding open his coat to show a collection of photos.  Who were these people, what stories could they tell?

We continued round and then there was another.  Antonio Barahona’s portrait entitled ‘Still Waiting’.  I was struck, what was the lady in the red jumper still waiting for?  Why were the plants in the window box dying?  She looked dejected but resigned to her fate. By now Dawn was hooked and had spotted Antonios Titakis’s ‘Silent Eyes’.  A disturbing monochrome picture of a dancer lost in thought.

A plan was hatched, we would write three short pieces, and taking the three portraits as our inspiration ~ Three Portraits & Three Tales was born. I hope you enjoy the three tales as much as we enjoyed our afternoon. You can read them online or listen to them as a Storycast. Next month there will be a seasonal story from The Casket of Fictional Delights.