A New Year at The Casket of Fictional Delights

The current series of TubeFlash closed last year on The Casket with the story ‘All’s Well that Ends Badly’ published just before Christmas, with a festive plum pudding brooch.  We hope to be able to bring TubeFlash back for one last time later in 2015.  Watch this space for further details.  But if you are suffering from withdrawal symptoms why not try one of our two TubeFlash  quizzes.  There are great TubeFlash inspired prizes to be won.

Bond Street

Christmas Tree Brooches – Identify the 20 London Underground Stations  – here’s one to help you on your way

To enter Click Here


And if you would like something a little more challenging to test your TubeFlash knowledge.
All’s Well that Ends Badly – contained in the last TubeFlash story ‘All’s Well that Ends Badly’ I have incorporated references to 25 of the 78 TubeFlash stories. Clues are in the form of names or items from stories, stations or brooches, visual references, colours etc.  How many can you find and identify? To enter Click Here

I do hope you all will have a go at one of the quizzes or both.  Spread the word, let your friends know, anyone can enter, there is no restriction on entry.

So what has The Casket of Fictional Delights in store for 2015?  There are a host of new and returning guest writers, providing a broad range of stories.  We started the year in January with Marion Moffatt’s flash fiction ‘Transcience’ a terrifying account of a TIA event.  Also returning are Fanni Suto and Lauren Bell with new flash fictions. At the end of January the first of our new writers Louise Peskett with her story set in Spain ‘In the Caldera’ is published.  Other new guest writers being featured are Rebecca Peyton, Felicity Stephen, Damyanti Ghosh, Deirdre Maher, Isobel Horsburgh, Tina Pisco and James Stark. James’s story is set in 1950s America and we are on the hunt for the right boyish accent to do the audio recording.  If you know someone who can do a young male Pacific Northwest accent Get In Touch.

I have selected twelve, what I hope will be interesting and unusual brooches for the Brooch of the Month from modern designers, vintage classics to period pieces.  You can subscribe to receive a regular email with the Brooch of the Month.  I have also taken the decision that my photographic skills are no longer up to the task and I’m making arrangements for a professional photographer to photograph the brooches for 2015 and retake all those previously displayed.  My trusty carrying case I bought last year is proving a most worthwhile investment.  And as I start 2015 my brooch collection stands at 5 short of 600 so fear not there are still plenty to choose from for next year and the year after that!

On a personal note I was asked to write two stories for two different German anthologies.  They are to be published later this year.  Oh I wish I could read German.

Don’t forget to enter our TubeFlash competitions – Enter Here.  GREAT Prizes to be won.

And finally I recently read a quote by Jackie Kay “I think the short story suits people who feel displaced or misplaced or who don’t fit in, people who feel their very bones are lonely.” So if you are feeling lonely sometime during 2015 check one of our short stories.  Or write one, we are accepting submissions for short stories and flash fictions.