Last month The Casket of Fictional Delights launched a major new project, Tube-Flash, in cooperation with Transport for London. Tube-Flash is inspired by the London Underground and my collection of vintage and contemporary brooches. Stations have been paired with a brooch and writers have responded to create a diverse collection of stories. Each week a new story is published, or in Tube-Flash parlance, arrives at 09.55. And as The Casket of Fictional Delights is now a fully Made for Mobile website, it is easy to read Tube-Flash stories on your smartphone while on the move.

In the early planning stages there were long and quite heated discussions about the ‘route’ the Tube-Flash stories should take. Various options were considered. There was the direct approach – start one end of a line and just run along it to the other end. Ok, but could get a bit tedious. The logical approach – stations in alphabetical order. The traditional approach – author order. Both these options have merits but their big flaw is how do you add in new stations? In the end I went for the random approach – criss-crossing the network, up and down the eleven lines, darting back and forth from central London to the outer suburbs, making it a more interesting story journey. But where to start and were there any anchors?

At the beginning of each year I make a list of significant events to use as part of my website planning, For example, last year in May for the Chelsea Flower show, the ‘Brooch of the Month’ was a big green flower. So were there any events that could be linked to Tube-Flash? Well the most obvious one was the 150th anniversary of the London Underground itself. But what about other things? As I delved deeper and trawled the wonders of the internet I was amazed at what I found. Over the coming months they will pop up, some better known, some less so.  Monday 13th May at 09.55 sees the arrival of the fourth Tube-Flash story ‘A Classic Collection’ by Graham Curtis. It is Vauxhall Station, and 16th May will be the 30th anniversary of the introduction of wheel clamps to combat illegal parking in London. The next one with an anniversary is ‘In the Snake Pit’ by Oana Aristide, but I’m not going to tell you what that is, you will have to wait.